Renew My Church

What is Renew My Church?

Renew My Church is a proactive, strategic effort to ensure the sustainable growth of our Church for the future. Renew My Church is meant to ensure that all parish are vibrant, vital, and life-giving and have the resources they need to carry out the mission of the Church.

Renew My Church for the St. Cletus Community begins a spiritual journey to re-encounter Jesus both an individual disciples and as parish community. Through three initiatives, we are asked to recommit to the gospel commission:

  • Make disciples
  • Build vital communities of faith
  • Inspire witness that brings the light and hope of Christ to a world in need

These three mission imperatives guide all that we will do in our renewal efforts. Renew My Church does NOT mean that St. Cletus Parish or school will be closing or merging, as some other parishes have experienced. As previously announced, St. Cletus is a strong and vibrant parish, but ALL parishes in the Archdiocese are participating in Renew my Church.

Parish RMC Report

RMC Recommendation (June 2022)

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