Pray For Healing

This newly formed ministry seeks to pray for healing in the church – healing from the wounds resulting from the sexual abuse scandal.

The ministry is open to all, and all are encouraged to join. There will be no meetings, no committee. There is no commitment, other than a desire to offer prayer to the Lord for healing in His church – for wisdom, guidance and grace to be bestowed upon our church leaders at all levels.

You will receive an email once or twice a month, encouraging you to prayer. Each email will contain a suitable prayer for those of us who find words harder to come by.

Please join us ! We are the church, Christ is our King ! The church needs to heal, and healing will come from within – from the everyday folk sat in the pews. Christ said He would never abandon us – it is time to trust in that and ask that He walk with us now and bring healing, forgiveness and dignity to His church.

To join the ministry, please complete and submit this form.

(c) 2023 | St. Cletus Parish

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