Time to Pray the Rosary Together

Now is certainly the time to ask for Mary’s intercession and guidance! Parishioners meet in church every Wednesday at 1:00 to pray the Rosary together. It is such a beautiful way to join our voices and reverence together and pray for our personal intentions as well as those of our parish and world. We alternate the mysteries, praying the Joyful then the Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries so that we ponder all of the blessed moments in Christ’s life through Mary’s eyes. Thank you to our faithful team of greeters/cleaners who make this gathering possible. Also, if you have rosaries to donate or that need repair, you can drop them off at the Parish Center for now.

When we had the Rosary Table in the narthex in October and May, it was always amazing to see how Mary used our efforts to reach out to others. So many times, someone would say they were just looking for a Rosary for a friend or for an ailing relative. Or that someone close had just died and they wanted to pray for them. We gave out over 40 rosaries each time, along with guides on how to say the Rosary, rosary pouches and other devotional aides. Also, a Living Rosary member agrees to pray a particular decade each day along with other members, so that all together the entire rosary is prayed daily. Over a hundred people are members and you can also join anytime by calling Mary Lu at 630-430-3338. I have been praying the Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation in the Temple, for over 20 years, but still have new insights about God’s great gift of His love, His son Jesus, and the people who cared for Him as an infant. Everyone has time to pray one decade each day and to make Mary a cherished part of your daily devotions. Come join us in whatever way works for you. Your Mother is waiting with open arms.

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