Meet The Rahman Family

It is hard these days to not feel stuck with confinement to our homes and restrictions to the way we live our lives. We all miss the way things used to be with the people we used to share our lives with. One way for our family to “unstick” ourselves is to attend mass and be part of the clean team. We all felt starved of God during those beginning months despite attending our weekly mass in our living room. It’s just not the same.

To be part of the clean team makes us feel home again and gives us the ability to have our church family feel safe and welcomed home as well. Together we can open and keep our parish doors open to others so they too can be filled with God. We miss seeing our families fill the pews. Being part of this team with other wonderful volunteers “unsticks” us in a positive direction to normalcy.

Please consider joining any of the many positions available to keep our doors open. If you are feeling stuck, be part of a movement to move us all forward in a positive way. Together we can do great things.

With gratitude,
Rahman Family

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