Meet Beaudan Brown

After the long months of staying at home quarantined due to the 2020 pandemic, Illinois finally allowed for in person churches to open in late July. This was a joyful time for those of the church because we were given the opportunity to physically go to a place of worship again. During the summer I had learned from a friend – and later from my mother – that the St. Cletus Parish had opened and needed volunteers to help for the masses, along with other events. One job that volunteers were/are still needed for is cleaning the pews and other surfaces after each service. Being the teenager I am, I was reluctant to wake up in the early morning over the weekend, but later in the month, I gave it a shot. During one of the Sundays, I got myself out of bed and walked over to the church. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining bright, and even though I was tired, the morning was welcoming. I walked into the church with warm greetings from the other volunteers while they gladly began to orientate me on the church cleaning process. I couldn’t help but smile while working with the other volunteers. It was a blessing to be able to be with such kind and giving people. After my first session volunteering, I tried to make it to one of the masses each week. The work that these volunteers do is so impactful. They help give people the chance to gather for worship and build on the Christian community. Volunteering gave me the chance to immerse myself deeper in the community and helped me connect with others. Seeing that there are more slots opening for the masses, the church will have more pews to clean. Volunteers are always needed and wanted, so please, if you are up for the challenge of an early wake, stop by the church to give the cleaning crew a shot. You won’t regret it.

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