Prayer For Our New Associate Pastor

Gracious and loving God, we give you thanks for your constant presence. Through seasons of constancy and seasons of change, you are always with us – calling us into deeper waters, calling us together in your spirit of unity, calling us out of ourselves into the world to serve others.

Grant that Father Michael Novick, who will be coming to St. Cletus, might hold fast to your unending love and mercy. As we experience change, help us to remember the promise that your mission is bigger than any single priest or local church. We know that this promise will bring both comfort and discomfort – comfort in a season of change and discomfort as it drives us all to love you and each other more.

Strengthen us to be your Church in all times and seasons of life – a place where all are truly welcomed and embraced in your love; a place where Father Michael will find ways to be active with you among us and calling us to join in your saving work; and a place where the story of your love and grace and mercy are embodied. We offer our prayer through Christ our Lord.

(c) 2022 | St. Cletus Parish

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