Food Pantry Donation Is Now DOUBLED!

Right now your donation is DOUBLED! All donations go directly to food pantry operations and all donations are tax-deductible. Funds will be used to make necessary updates to our new location:

  • electrical support and upgrades for multiple
    commercial cold storage units
  • building out a storage room
  • upgrading bathrooms from child to standard size
  • painting, signage, lighting, shelving and other
    operating expenses…

all the things that help create a welcoming and functional space for our community.

Online Donations can be made at:

OR you can send a check to:
St. Cletus Food Pantry
600 W 55th St. La Grange, IL 60525

(Donations can also be dropped in the Rectory Mail Slot or collection basket) Thank you for all of your sustained support!

(c) 2022 | St. Cletus Parish

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