Basic principles:

  • It is an international Catholic organization of lay persons, founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam and his companions. Placed under the patronage of St. Vincent DePaul, it derives its inspiration from his thinking and work, and seeks in a spirit of justice and charity, by a person-to-person involvement of its members, to help those who are suffering.
  • Faithful to its founders, it constantly strives to renew and adapt itself to the changing conditions of the world.
  • Catholic in character, it is open to all who wish to live their faith by loving and serving their neighbor.
  • No work of charity is foreign to the Society. It works, through person-to-person contact, to encompass every form of aid that alleviates suffering and promotes the dignity and integrity of mankind. The Society strives not only to alleviate need, but also to discover and redress the situations which cause it.
  • It serves everyone, regardless of creed, opinion, color, origin or caste.
  • Members of the Society are united in the same spirit of poverty and sharing. They form with those they help, one and the same family throughout the world.
  • Members are called Vincentians, and they strive, through prayer, meditations on the Scriptures, fidelity to the teaching of the Church, and in various aspects of their daily lives, to bear witness to the love of Christ in their relationships with those most in need.
  • Members are at the service of the poor. They do not judge; they are available.
  • Members of the St. Cletus Conference of the Society of St. Vincent DePaul will be called to initially meet to learn more about the Society.
  • Discuss needs as perceived in the parish area, i.e. food, clothing, furniture, assistance with utility bills or rent, etc.
  • Discuss sources of funding, i.e. donations, collections from parishioners, fund-raising events.
  • Meet regularly and frequently (once or twice a month). Meetings are held in a spirit of fraternity, simplicity and Christian joy.
  • Participate in appropriate and required formation and training programs, including Invitation to Serve and Home Visit Training.
  • Provide help while scrupulously maintaining the privacy and dignity of those that are served.
  • Exhibit the core values of holiness of life, service of the poor, humility, simplicity, charity, friendship, gentleness, selflessness and zeal.
  • Be supportive to one another while offering tangible assistance to those in need.

The vision of the St. Vincent DePaul Society is

  • No work of charity is foreign to the Society.
  • Need, not creed, determines who is helped, and how.

The St. Vincent DePaul Conference at our neighboring parish, St. Francis Xavier, has offered to mentor us as we build our volunteer base and begin home visits.
For further information, please contact the St. Cletus Social Concerns Office at (708)215-5418.

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