Holy Name Society

Holy Name Society

Saint Cletus Parish is filled with good men, and, like the Marine Corps, we need a few.

The Holy Name Society presently includes over 50 men, some of which are original members of the parish. This group of men invites all men (18+) of the parish to join them.
With an infusion of new, diverse and particularly, younger members, the group hopes to continue their work of:

  • Promoting the most Holy Name of God,
  • Being a part of the social framework of the parish, and
  • Offering a source of fraternity among men.

Meetings are (generally) on the first Friday of each month except July and August. Meetings occasionally include guest speakers. Speaker presentations are followed by a formal business session and an informal sharing time. During this closing part of meetings, the men share refreshments, friendly discussion, and supportive fellowship.
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More About Holy Name…

The Holy Name Society promotes respect for the most Holy Name of God, faith in the Catholic Church and its teaching authority, and loyal respect to both our civil and religious responsibilities.
Our chapter of Holy Name Society began when the parish was established in October 1951. Our chapter is a branch of a world-wide fraternity of the church, which began more than 700 years ago. In its first seven centuries, the Society has helped to foster the salvation of souls. Membership in the Society can offer faith-filled men a chance to serve with an organization that has become the voice of Catholic men, — and potentially, enrich their lives.
HNS sponsors a Thanksgiving turkey raffle, a Christmas dinner party, a Pancake Breakfast in springtime, and a Past Presidents’ Dinner in May. The HNS group often helps support other activities of the parish such as the Fourth of July veteran’s Mass and Food Pantry programs, as well as other organizations such as the Mission Ladies and the Ministry of Care.
Our members will attend the wake of any deceased member of the Society to offer prayers and condolences for the family. We encourage Memorial Masses and prayers for the deceased.
Basically, we are a spiritual organization that helps provide varied support of our parish faith community and the community at-large.

We’d like to do more — if we had the MAN-power.  We Need You!

And we hope more parish men feel the desire to join us. Stop by at our next meeting — the date, time, and location will be printed in the Sunday Canticle.
For additional information, contact Rod Bradford at 708-370-9001 or hns@stcletusparish.com.

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