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Most programs have been restored to pre-Covid operations. Please contact the facilitator for the the most current information.


A process to instruct and catechize adults who are interested in becoming Catholics or candidates who have only been baptized and are in need of the other sacraments of initiation. A small team of catechists assists Father in the weekly instructions of the faith. Must be familiar with Scripture and Church teachings.

Time commitment – approximately 1 ½ hrs. weekly from Sept.-April.
Contact: Tina Norton

Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation, welcoming a person into the Catholic Christian community, as well as into a particular parish family. The Baptismal Program seeks to prepare and promote the parents’ understanding of their life-long commitment to nurture faith in their child. The class meets monthly for about an hour and a half. If there are 2 facilitators, the time commitment is every other month for a class. Training for catechists is provided. Planning to implement and additional element to keep in contact with the newly baptized for 3 years. This can be done from home maintaining records and mailings.

Contact: Tina Norton on becoming a leader in the baptismal program

To Schedule a Baptism, contact the parish office at (708) 352-6209.

Led by a married couple, classes cover topics to help engaged couples prepare for a happy, healthy and holy marriage. Saturday classes are held 4 times a year, beginning at 9:00am and concluding at 3:00pm. Sharing personal experiences of faith and marriage encourage couples to dialogue with the facilitators and each other. A workbook is provided as well as training by the Archdiocese.

Contact: Tina Norton for information on becoming Pre-Cana leader.

CREDO (Continuing Religious Education Opportunities)
CREDO is a laity led, self directed group that spreads the good news of Jesus Christ among adults through educational and pilgrimage opportunities. Faith formation opportunities that are offered include Bible studies, speakers, mini-retreats, workshops, movie nights, blogs, trips to Catholic shrines, and maintaining the parish lending library. Monthly meetings are held. Volunteers are welcome to participate or lead an activity. New people and new ideas are always welcome!


St. Cletus Purgatorial Society
The mission of the St. Cletus Purgatorial Society is to engage all faithful in unifying our prayers and sacrifices to benefit the holy souls who have gone before us. Our society will strive to cultivate a culture of consciousness of the solidarity amongst the Communion of Saints (Church Triumphant (Souls in Heaven) / Church Militant (Souls on Earth) / Church Suffering (Souls in Purgatory)) throughout all generations and reinforce the continual need of prayer and sacrifice for the relief of the suffering souls. May no soul ever be abandoned. May purgatory be emptied!

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Please contact the parish office at 708-352-6209 for more information on adult confirmation.

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