Living Rosary

  • Date: Every WED 1:00pm
  • Venue: St. Cletus Church
  • Location: La Grange, IL

We are so blessed to celebrate Mary’s Rosary in different
ways in our parish.

Every Wednesday at 1:00 the Living Rosary gathers in
church to pray the Rosary. We share intentions and
have a supportive, gentle community. All are welcome
to join us whenever you can.

Members of the Living Rosary continue to pray their
assigned decade each day, together saying the entire
Rosary. The decades gain meaning and weave into
your heart as you say them day by day. Call Mary Lu
Gebka at 630-430-3338 to join us in praying this
special way.

There is a basket of free Rosaries and guides on how to
pray them (in English and Spanish) available in the
church’s narthex for free. We have distributed over
200 Rosaries in the past year and have more to offer.
Take one for yourself or someone who could use one.

The Rosary table will be back on April 30th/May 1st
during all Masses! What a wonderful way to begin
Mary’s month! Bring Rosaries for repair or to donate.
Take Rosaries and other devotional items for free.
The goal of the Living Rosary is to promote the Rosary as
a vibrant prayer to Mary, asking her to intercede for our
intentions. At Fatima, Mary asked everyone to pray the
Rosary for world peace, something we desperately need
right now. Mother Mary calls us her children and listens
to our prayers. We place our hopes and worries in her
hands to bring to the Father. Hear and answer her call.

(c) 2023 | St. Cletus Parish

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