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Pampered Chef / CCW Fundraiser

Be sure to check out the latest in Pampered Chef offerings and place an order. Refresh your kitchen and treat your family. The fundraiser runs from April 8-18. Questions? Call 773-576-0812. Thanks for your support!

Confession Times

Looking for confession? Confessions are heard the first Saturday of each month from 8:30am to 9:15am. Please call 708-352-6209 to make a reservation.

Goodbye and Blessings from Deacon Stuart and Marlene

Also we are moving into a Del Webb community with a great deal to do for both of us and so I pray we make many new friends as we did when we came here all those years ago. I ask for your prayers as we transition and for Marlene’s[…]

Meet Jim & Pat McLamore

Jim and I have been members of St. Cletus Parish for over 40 years and are now part of a new and necessary group of volunteers called “gushers,” meaning greeters/ushers. As a gusher you are helping fellow parishioners navigate the Covid/Safety regulations and requirements as they attend mass. It is[…]

A Note from Deacon Stuart and Marlene Heyes

Dear Friends, Marlene and I write this note with mixed feelings. We have decided to move to TN and join the IL exodus for several reasons.Foremost – Marlene’s health is compromised with the severe Winters here and a milder climate is best for us both at our time of life.[…]

Meet Beaudan Brown

After the long months of staying at home quarantined due to the 2020 pandemic, Illinois finally allowed for in person churches to open in late July. This was a joyful time for those of the church because we were given the opportunity to physically go to a place of worship[…]

Be Our Light

Dear St. Cletus Parish Families, I hope and pray that you and all your loved ones remain safe and healthy during this very difficult time. The corona virus, as you know, has turned our daily lives upside down over these past several months. St. Cletus ministries continue to adjust and[…]

Time to Pray the Rosary Together

Now is certainly the time to ask for Mary’s intercession and guidance! Parishioners meet in church every Wednesday at 1:00 to pray the Rosary together. It is such a beautiful way to join our voices and reverence together and pray for our personal intentions as well as those of our[…]

Meet Rhea Wehrmeister

My name is Rhea Wehrmeister, and I have been a St. Cletus parishioner since early 1995. We had been searching for a new parish since August 1994, when we moved from Oak Lawn. The warmth of those who, although they did not know us, yet warmly extended their welcome at[…]

Meet The Rahman Family

It is hard these days to not feel stuck with confinement to our homes and restrictions to the way we live our lives. We all miss the way things used to be with the people we used to share our lives with. One way for our family to “unstick” ourselves[…]

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